Stories Of Rookie Off-Grid Homesteaders Living The Dream

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  • Follow her many DIY projects, including building with reclaimed materials, building an off-grid hot tub and milling lumber with an Alaskan chainsaw mill. You can follow Alyssa on her blog Pure Living for Life.


    When we were getting ready for our move to our land, we worked hard to turn some of our assets into cash (such as selling my brand new car and selling Jesse’s business) so we had a decent nest egg at the start of our journey. Even with a decent nest egg and a lot of hand-me-down tools from Jesse’s dad and grandpa, we were still going to need to acquire a significant amount of materials and tools. Things get broken, we knew we had most things we’d need, but more would become obvious as we went along.

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    When we moved to our land, we had nothing! Just a travel trailer, a Subaru Forester, and a pickup truck full of tools!

    Find more about their Homesteading journey over at Pure Living for Life.

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