The 6 Ways To Master Smoking Meat

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  • Smoking is not grilling! Smoking is the traditional method of cooking meat over low heat, exposing the meat to a wonderful aromatic, hardwood smoke… The barbecue industry offers a wide range of smoking gadgets and products. They can come in handy, but the most important things you need for smoking are time and patience and good recipes. The “Cookin' Cousins” over at shares their 6 secrets to great meat smoking.

    Hey Bob And Jack, That Was Fantastic Barbecue…What's Your Secret To Smoking Meat Like That?

    “Barbecue is the Mystical Communion of Fire, Smoke and Meat”

    We're the “Cookin' Cousins”, love smoking meat, and have answered that question countless times in our 40+ years of backyard research developing smoker recipes with various meat smokers.

    Yep, driving our neighbors nuts, smoking meat…it's a primal thing! So how do we do it?

    Well, there's actually six secrets that we've learned to help you attain, in our humble opinion, one of life's greatest pleasures. But first…

    Did you know that, historically, barbecue is the method of roasting meat over hardwood coals, slowly, with low heat and a constant exposure to the aromatic smoke? Yessir, real barbecue! Read on, and we'll put it all together, starting with…

    The “Cookin' Cousins” 6 Secrets to Smoking Meat…

    Find the “Cookin' Cousins” 6 Secrets to Smoking Meat over at

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