The Basics Of Homesteading

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  • Homestead

    Homesteading is a familiar term which indicates those who homestead as those individuals who have self-reliant lives and make do with sustainable agriculture and food in the present day. The Homesteading Freedom Blog explains more about homesteading and does so by using the terms homestead and homesteading on an interchangeable level.

    Homesteading once referred only to the free land program offered by the government. Homesteading was something pioneers did, but these days it refers to a lifestyle choice. People want to live healthy, self-sufficient lives. Homesteading today is a lifestyle of that type of self-sufficiency.

    Individuals plant their own food, produce their own clothing and textiles. Often, homesteaders make crafts that they either sell or use throughout the home. But, when referring to 21st century homesteading, it mostly pertains to using natural resources for energy or limiting the use of electricity and other resources in day to day life. It also means growing local produce and eating natural foods that are grown at home or at a community garden.

    Homesteading communities work together to make smart lifestyle choices that improve the quality of everyone's life both now and in the future. It is not an absolute requirement to go off the grid as a homesteader and make do without electricity, but it can mean using turbines and hydropower to create as much energy as possible and thereby limit the amount of electricity used. Homesteaders can use the Internet if they wish to sell their arts and crafts and have a successful business.

    The Homesteading Freedom Blog discusses all things homesteading like building a house, planting gardens, producing clean energy and even starting a home based craft business. Learn how to can goods, split firewood and even learn the right way to hang freshly laundered clothing out to dry.

    Get inspired with the Homesteading Freedom Blog and all its ideas is endeavors to share. Live a smarter 21st Century lifestyle by becoming a homesteader and learning the best ways to get off to a successful start for a lifetime of health and well-being for yourself and the planet.

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