The Magical Salt Sock Trick To Relieve Ear Ache

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  • Ear infections are nasty. They can leave a person completely out of commission for days and for children, who are particularly prone to them, an ear infection can last for weeks.

    This is general referred to as swimmer’s ear and affects the outer ear and canal. With this type of pain, the ear is increasingly sensitive to touch and may appear red or inflamed. The cause is generally a bacterial build up or fungal infection on the skin in the ear tube.

    Moms and Dads-pay attention! Really everyone should pay attentions.You are going to be glad you have this information at some point in your life. Winter is the time of snotty noses, colds, flu, and ear aches. If not your kiddos then for you. We are a fan of natural remedies for aches and pain. I’m not anti-doctor by any means but I do like to try and fix minor problems myself. My Grandmother had so many home remedies that seemed like miracle cures and here is one of them.

    On the next page find how to make and use the “Magic Salt Sock” for ear ache relief.

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