The Turmeric “Golden Honey” Mixture Known As A Powerful Natural Antibiotic

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  • Turmeric golden honey is considered the strongest antibiotic described in Ayurveda scriptures as well. The blend of raw honey and turmeric has a very powerful healing potential.

    It can be used for fighting bacterial and viral infections and as an anti-inflammatory potion that eases seasonal allergies, and as a general immune booster. Unlike artificially synthesized drugs, this natural mix comes with no side effects, promotes the beneficial gut flora, and improves digestion.

    Unlike synthetic antibiotics, which you can find in pharmacy in abundance, this medicine has no negative effect on the intestinal micro flora. Some have used it as a spice, many used it in preparing “golden milk“, and some had just seen bags of yellow powder in larger supermarkets or health food stores and wondered what it is for. But few know that turmeric, when combined with honey, becomes priceless natural remedy.

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