The World’s Simplest And Oldest Chair Design

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  • Let's just say a little more about this chair. Such a cool and fun project that can be used around the bonfire or inside the Homestead for extra seating. It can also be stored flat and easily transported on a camping trip or a day picnic!  Cowbell over at Instructables has put together a set of simple steps for making this simple chair. You can then finish your minimalist chair by adding a coat of paint or a stain. Slide the seat into the back board to assemble the chair.

    One Board Minimalist Chair

    This chair design is old. Some say it dates back to the the mid 1700's with Mountain Men roaming the US. Some call it a Viking chair and claim it is a Medieval design. For certain it popped up in Boy Scout camps in the US in the early 20th century. Leave a comment about the oldest you've seen!

    Regardless of who did what where or when they are still extremely comfortable, affordable, durable and can be used anywhere. My wife has owned one for the past 20 years. We have a few now. They store flat in a 45x12x4 inch space. They have followed us from a very small apartment, to garden parties at our house, into the mountains and down by the sea. They are always the first seats taken at any of our get togethers. They are more comfortable than any other any other outdoor chair we have – and honestly more comfortable than most of our “indoor” chairs. For that reason they have been our living room, camping and outdoor companions for the entirety of our married life. You might get one or two seasons out of a cloth folding chair – but this $8 investment will last you decades.

    This design only requires one 2x12x8 board – typically used for load bearing headers and decking band boards. No nails or glue is required. Only a few basic tools are necessary.

    Step 1: Materials

    You will need one board about 12 inches wide and 8 feet long. Sorry my metric friends. This is all in feet and inches. This cost me $8 at the big box home store.

    Circular saw
    Jig saw
    Straight line tool of some kind at least 3 feet long
    Drill with large drill bit
    Tape measure

    Step 2: Cut 1: Back Board

    Find more instructions for making this simple chair over a

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