Thou Shalt Keep These 11 Commandments of Cast Iron Care

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  • This is excellent information for anyone that cooks with cast iron.

    Maybe you inherited one from your grandmother, or maybe you purchased a brand spanking new one off Amazon; either way, if you treat it right, it could last you a lifetime.

    Cast-iron cookware has been the touchstone of Southern food and hospitality for generations, creating perfectly fried chicken and cornbread so crisp you can hear it crackle when cut. No kitchen south of the Mason-Dixon Line would be complete without it. For a new cast-iron cookware is to season them. “Seasoning” is the process of oiling and heating cast iron to protect its porous surface from moisture. In addition to seasoning your cookware there are other important commandments for care.

    On page 2 you will find the 11 commandments of Cast Iron Care.

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