Tips For Identifying, Controlling, and Eliminating Cutworm In The Garden

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  • There are few things that can be done to reduce infestations and protect your crops, and many of them don’t involve the use of pesticides. How to identify and effectively control cutworms using proven, organic and least-toxic methods. shares information how to identify and get rid of cutworms.

    Here are tips on how to identify, control, and get rid of cutworms in the garden.


    • Make plant collars. Put a 4-inch piece of cardboard around each plant stem to help stop cutworms from reaching tender stems, especially right at transplanting. This time-consuming task works though it is only efficient for a smaller garden!

      • Or, try this method: Save toilet paper tubes, cut them in half, fill with potting soil, and stand up in a tray. Use for planting seeds. When young plants are ready, plant them, tube and all.
    • Hand pick. Go out at night with a flashlight and gloves. Pick off the cutworms and drop into soapy water; repeat this every few nights.

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