Ways To Prepare Your Homestead Livestock and Barn For Cold Winter Months

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  • Plan ahead for your livestock's winter water and food source. Ensuring an adequate and dependable supply of water and food will encourage optimal health and performance of livestock. Kathy Bernier over at Pioneer Settler has provided great information on preparing your livestock and barn for the winter months.

    Want to know how to get your livestock and barn ready for winter? If you’re still struggling when to start or what to do to get everything on your homestead winter ready, let this be your guide.

    Getting Livestock and Barn Ready for Winter

    Imagine this scenario: During evening chores, the scoop scrapes the bottom of the grain can and you remember that you have been meaning to make a grain run all week.

    It’s too late in the day to make it all the way into town before the big feed store closes, but you measure out portions carefully and are able to just squeak by. The weather service was calling for a little snow tomorrow afternoon, but nothing serious. And besides, you can easily get to town and back before it starts.

    That night on the news, the weatherman says that the few inches that had been forecast before is going to be more like a foot. And oh – surprise! It’s starting overnight tonight instead of later in the day. The hour round trip is going to be more like two in bad weather, and you don’t even want to think of the possibility that they’re out of your favorite brand again. But even though the storm may not prevent you from getting to the feed store, it might have caused their deliveries to be delayed.

    It’s a good idea to tend to livestock needs right now, so that when the rest of life comes steamrolling through this winter, there will be one less thing to worry about.

    Every animal needs water, food, shelter, and safety. Focusing on those four requirements will get you and your livestock through most situations, and following is a list to help you remember it all…

    Find more about preparing livestock and barn for winter here…

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